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Driving Barefoot – Is it Illegal?

There are a lot of misconceptions about driving barefoot. Some people feel more comfortable driving without shoes on their feet. Chances are, if you are one of such people, you may be wondering if it is illegal to drive barefoot. Here’s what you should know about driving without your shoes on your feet. 

Some regulations are clear when it comes to specific driving rules. These rules are usually not vague or open to alternative interpretations. For example, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated, and almost everyone knows they shouldn’t be drinking and driving.

However, most people are not sure if they can drive barefoot without getting into trouble with the law. Many people even have the idea that driving barefoot is illegal. 

Contrary to many beliefs, the fact is, no law makes it illegal to drive without your shoes or a pair of feet covering in all 50 states in America. In essence, the answer to the question: is it illegal to drive barefoot? – is no.

Is it safe to Drive Barefoot?

Well then, if it is not illegal to drive barefoot, the next appropriate question should be: is it safe to drive barefoot? 

The answer to this question can differ across specific scenarios. For example, some people can argue that driving barefoot may be safer than driving with certain types of shoes, such as high heels. Also, you may have a better grip of the car’s pedal or brake when you drive without shoes on your feet. 

While driving barefoot is not illegal, some states recommend that you should avoid driving without shoes on your feet. No state has explicitly stated that they prohibit driving barefoot, but some states have not held back on their views that driving without shoes can indeed be unsafe. 

Some states have precise regulations about driving motorcycles barefoot. The state of Alabama, for example, permits driving a motor vehicle without shoes but requires motorcycle riders to wear appropriate shoes when operating a motorcycle.

On a case-by-case basis, if you get involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving barefoot, law enforcement agencies can charge you with reckless driving due to driving barefoot.

The gray area with rules on driving barefoot can make it a personal judgment on whether you feel safe driving without shoes. However, just because you think driving barefoot may be safe does not make it safe for you and others. 

Driving with shoes on your feet may provide some form of traction that prevents your foot from slipping off the brake in critical moments. Likewise, when driving barefoot, your foot can slip off the pedal if you do not have a firm grip and cause accidents. 

What Is The Origin Of The Myth That It Is Illegal To Drive Barefoot?

Some things don’t feel right. One of such things is driving without shoes. It is not regular practice to step out of your home barefoot. In the same vein, it also feels unusual to drive without shoes. Driving without shoes is one of those things that people think is illegal because it does not seem right, and people don’t just do it.

Many people have spread unfounded tales about people getting arrested for driving barefoot. Some of these fabricated stories have been told by parents and driving instructors. It is no wonder why many people believe these stories and share them.

While you may have heard of stories about people getting arrested for driving barefoot, in reality, an arrest for driving without shoes is less likely because it is not illegal to drive barefoot. Technically, you cannot go against a non-existent law. 

The most likely cause for a charge linked to someone driving without shoes is reckless driving or distracted driving. Whether you drive with shoes or barefoot, the most important thing is you drive safely with no distractions. 

Also, the misconception that driving barefoot is illegal may have spread vastly due to most states recommending that people wear shoes when driving. Just because states recommend driving with shoes does not automatically make it illegal to do otherwise. 

In as much as many states think it is safe to drive with shoes, it is also essential to wear the right kind of shoes when driving. An inappropriate type of shoe can cause more havoc than no shoes at all. 

Until there is a law that outrightly prohibits driving barefoot, it is a myth that driving without shoes is illegal.

What Most States Say About Driving Barefoot

While no state categorically makes it illegal to drive barefoot, some states encourage drivers to wear shoes when driving. They also encourage safe driving and using footwear that is safe and comfortable. 


Driving a motor vehicle is not prohibited, but you need to have shoes on your feet when driving a motorcycle.

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Nevada

There is no law that makes driving barefoot illegal. However, if driving barefoot causes you to drive recklessly, you stand a risk of being charged. 

Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Wyoming

It is discouraged to drive without shoes as this is considered an unsafe practice that can lead to reckless driving. Certain shoes such as open-toes shoes or high heels are unsafe for driving.


While driving barefoot may not be safe, driving with certain shoes is more dangerous than driving barefoot. You are encouraged to wear the right kind of shoes when driving.


Some local cities have regulations that frown against driving barefoot and may charge you for driving without shoes in some instances. However, it is not illegal to drive barefoot in the State in general.


The State encourages people to drive with shoes and wear footwear that is safe for driving. However, it is not illegal to drive barefoot.


No law prohibits driving barefoot. Shoes like high-heels and wedges are not safe for driving. Driving barefoot may be better than driving with unsafe shoes.


It is not mandatory to wear shoes when driving, but in your best interest, it is encouraged to wear footwear that makes you comfortable, especially in cold weather. 

In summary, when in doubt, you should check with the authorities in a specific state to understand their rules about driving without shoes. Additionally, confirm that you have adequate coverage when driving barefoot in certain states with your insurance providers.

What Types of Shoes are Unsafe When Driving?

Certain types of shoes can compromise safety when driving. Generally, if a shoe does not give you a firm grip on the pedal or brake when driving, you should avoid putting on such shoes. 

High heels

For example, while many people still drive with high heels on their feet, this can be a hazard. High-heeled shoes can prevent you from having proper control of the car pedal or brake. 

Shoes with high heels are usually suspended and can get caught between the car foot mat or the accelerator pedal and disrupt your driving. This can cause you to lose control and drive off your lane in severe cases. 

Flip flops and Sandals

Flip flops and sandals are comfortable, and most people find themselves driving with them. However, flip flop shoes may not be safe for driving. Flip flops and sandals can easily slip off your foot or get stuck when shifting your foot from the pedal to the brake. 

If a sandal or flip flop shifts from your foot, this can cause you to lose concentration when trying to put them back on correctly. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents, and even a two-second distraction can result in multiple casualties.

Wedges and Heavy Shoes

When you wear wedges or heavy shoes with massive platforms, you can have difficulties moving your foot swiftly between the accelerator pedal and the brake when you need to do so. Heavy shoe platforms also prevent you from applying the correct pressure on your pedal or brake. 

The thick soles of these shoes do not allow you to have good judgment when driving, you may think that you are applying the proper pressure on your brake, but this may not be the case due to the disconnect between your foot and the brake.

Type of shoes You Should Wear When Driving 

The appropriate driving shoe can be different for everyone. However, the recommended shoes for driving are shoes that do not easily slip from your foot and shoes that allow your foot to connect with the pedal and brake. 

When driving, you should wear comfortable shoes that give you a good grip on the accelerator pedal. When you have a good grip on the brake or pedal, you can control the vehicle better and drive safely.

Good driving shoes should give you adequate ankle support, unlike flip flops, which can come off your foot or get stuck when driving. Generally, thin-soled shoes and running shoes are good driving shoes. They have a good grip on your foot, and you can feel the pedal and brake even when you wear them.

It is also safe to wear shoes that do not have laces. If you wear shoes with laces, ensure that you tie the laces correctly. Shoes with no or short laces do not obstruct your driving and cannot get stuck when moving your foot from the pedal to the brake.

Should You Wear Shoes When You drive?

After all has been said, since it is not illegal to drive barefoot, you have to decide to do what is safe. Is it safer for you to wear shoes when driving? If yes, then you should wear shoes when you drive.

If you find yourself in a situation where you think driving without your shoes may be safer, then you should drive barefoot. For example, suppose you go out for an event in high heels and forget to take spare flat shoes for driving. Then, in this case, if there is no other alternative, you can choose to drive without your shoes as this may be a safer option.

Note that you can put yourself in a reckless driving situation if you drive with no shoes or unsafe shoes. In this case, you can be charged for driving recklessly and causing an unsafe situation for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get insurance coverage if I get involved in an accident while driving without shoes?

Driving barefoot is not illegal, and your insurance provider should not deny you coverage only because you drove without shoes on your feet. However, to be on the safe side, you can make inquiries from your insurance provider.

Can I get charged for driving barefoot?

It is not illegal to drive barefoot, and you cannot get charged just for driving without shoes. Chances are, if you get arrested when driving, you may have been driving recklessly or have violated a driving law.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

No, it is not illegal to drive barefoot. But if driving barefoot makes you drive recklessly, you may be charged. 


People have the misconception that driving barefoot is illegal in the United States. Some states encourage driving with shoes because they consider this a safe practice. Generally, you cannot be charged solely for driving barefoot. However, if you drive recklessly due to having no shoes on your foot, you can get arrested as this can cause harm to you and others.

Sometimes, driving barefoot may be safer than driving with certain shoes such as heels, flip-flops, or heavy boots. Assess your situation and drive barefoot only if you need to.

Finally, it is essential to ensure that you get adequate insurance coverage regardless of if you want to drive barefoot or not. 

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