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Cheapest Cars to Insure: How car models affect insurance rates?

Car insurance rates are influenced by various factors, and one of the key elements impacting the premiums is the specific model of the vehicle. While insurance policies can be perplexing, understanding how different car models affect the rates is crucial for every car owner.

The make and model of your car play a substantial role in determining insurance costs. Insurance companies assess the risk associated with insuring a particular model based on its historical data regarding accident rates, theft, repair costs, and overall safety features.

Impact of Vehicle Value on Car Insurance: Expensive vs. Affordable Car Models

The choice between an expensive and an affordable car model significantly impacts insurance premiums. Expensive cars often come with higher insurance rates due to their increased repair and replacement costs. Additionally, they might be more prone to theft, elevating the risk factor.

How Insurance Companies Determine A Car Models Insurance Cost?

  1. Repair Costs: Some car models may have expensive or rare parts, leading to higher repair costs. Insurance companies consider this when setting rates.
  2. Safety Ratings: Safer car models with advanced safety features tend to have lower insurance premiums due to a reduced likelihood of severe injuries or accidents.
  3. Theft Rates: Certain car models are more prone to theft. Vehicles with a higher likelihood of being stolen often have higher insurance rates.
  4. Performance and Power: Cars with high horsepower and performance capabilities may have higher insurance costs because they can be riskier to drive and potentially result in more severe accidents.
  5. Vehicle Value: The market value of the car is an essential factor. Expensive cars typically have higher insurance rates because the cost to replace or repair them is higher.

Which Car models have the Cheapest Insurance

When looking for the most affordable cars to insure, various elements come into play, such as safety ratings, car classifications, and insurance costs. Topping the list is the Subaru Forester 2.5I, known for its low $1,322 insurance average and Top Safety Pick+ rating, ideal for budget-conscious buyers prioritizing security. Following closely is the Hyundai Venue SE, a subcompact SUV with an average cost of $1,323 and a Top Safety Pick rating. SUVs and compact vehicles dominate the top rankings, exemplified by models like the Honda CR-V LX, Mazda CX-30 S, and Toyota C-HR XLE, offering both cost efficiency and high safety features.

The top rankings in affordable insurance primarily showcase SUVs and compact cars recognized for their lower insurance costs and commendable safety features. Models like the Honda CR-V LX, Mazda CX-30 S, and Toyota C-HR XLE are among those ranked higher for their combination of budget-friendliness and robust safety measures. This trend reflects the consumer emphasis on financial prudence and comprehensive safety features. The top slots are dominated by models such as the Honda CR-V LX, Mazda CX-30 S, and Toyota C-HR XLE, aligning with the increasing consumer interest in economical yet safety-oriented vehicles.

Displayed below is a table showing 25 cars ranked by their average insurance cost, vehicle class, and safety ratings:

RankingCar ModelAvg. Insurance Cost*ClassSafety RatingMSRP*
1Subaru Forester 2.5I$1,322SUVTop Safety Pick+$46,220
2Hyundai Venue SE$1,323Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick$21,135
3Honda CR-V LX$1,325Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$29,500
4Honda HR-V LX$1,339Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick+$24,100
5Mazda CX-30 S$1,339Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick+$24,995
6Toyota C-HR XLE$1,342Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick+$29,294
7Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport$1,347Midsize SUV4-star Overall Safety Rating$39,990
8GMC Savana G2500$1,348Full-Size Van4-star Overall Safety Rating$44,900
9Kia Seltos S$1,351Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick$24,390
10Volkswagen Tiguan S$1,364Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$26,950
11Jeep Wrangler Rubicon$1,365Midsize SUV4-star Overall Safety Rating$45,990
12Ford Transit Connect Passenger Van$1,368Compact Passenger Van4-star Overall Safety Rating$36,155
13Ford Escape S$1,369Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$28,000
14Mazda CX-5 S Select$1,371Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$29,300
15Subaru Outback 2.5i$1,372Midsize CarTop Safety Pick+$27,145
16GMC Savana G2500$1,375Full-Size Van4-star Overall Safety Rating$44,900
17Hyundai Kona SE$1,378Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick$24,100
18Mazda CX-5 Touring$1,386Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$29,300
19Hyundai Tucson SE$1,388Compact SUVTop Safety Pick+$27,250
20Chevrolet Trax$1,394Subcompact SUV4-star Overall Safety Rating$21,495
21Chevrolet TrailBlazer$1,395Subcompact SUV4-star Overall Safety Rating$23,100
22Subaru Crosstrek Premium$1,395Subcompact SUVTop Safety Pick+$26,145
23Jeep Compass Sport$1,397Compact SUV4-star Overall Safety Rating$28,400
24Ford F-150 XL$1,398Full-Size Pickup Truck5-star Overall Safety Rating$34,585
25GMC Sierra 1500 SLE$1,400Full-Size Pickup Truck5-star Overall Safety Rating$50,200
The insurance rates provided is national average. MSRP for each model is approximate value.

Smart Choices for Cheaper Insurance: Vehicles to Avoid for Better Rates

When it comes to securing reasonable insurance rates for your vehicle, the type of car you drive plays a significant role. While it’s tempting to invest in sleek, high-performance cars or larger-than-life SUVs, these choices can substantially impact your insurance premiums. Insurance companies consider several factors when calculating rates, including a vehicle’s safety, repair costs, theft rates, and its overall risk level. If you’re looking to save on insurance, here are some vehicles to avoid:

Sports Cars: Fast, flashy, and thrilling they may be, but sports cars often come with higher insurance premiums due to their powerful engines and increased likelihood of being driven at higher speeds, leading to a higher risk of accidents.

Luxury Cars: Owning a luxury vehicle might scream sophistication, but it also attracts higher insurance costs. The expensive parts and repair bills for these cars make them more costly to insure.

Large SUVs and Trucks: While these vehicles are great for families or hauling heavy loads, their size and power can result in more damage during accidents, leading to higher insurance premiums.

Older Models with Minimal Safety Features: Older vehicles might be more affordable to purchase, but they often lack the advanced safety features found in newer models, making them riskier to insure.

High-Theft Cars: Some vehicles have a higher likelihood of being stolen, such as certain models of sedans and trucks. Cars with a poor theft record usually result in increased insurance rates.

When aiming for more budget-friendly insurance rates, consider vehicles that are affordable to repair, have good safety features, and lower theft rates. Opt for mid-sized sedans, minivans, or smaller SUVs, as they generally fall within the moderate insurance premium range due to their safety features and repair costs. Always remember to explore insurance options and quotes before purchasing a vehicle, as rates can vary significantly based on the model and your personal circumstances. By making informed choices about the vehicle you drive, you can positively impact your insurance costs while ensuring both safety and savings on the road.

Tips to Lower Insurance Rates of Expensive Cars

The presence of advanced safety features within a car can substantially lower insurance rates. Vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices, airbags, backup cameras, and other safety technologies are generally associated with reduced risk, thereby attracting lower insurance costs.

Cheapest 4WD Cars to Insure

Navigating the world of four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles doesn’t have to be daunting, especially when you’re seeking both adventure-ready capabilities and pocket-friendly insurance. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of some of the most affordable 4WD cars to insure in the United States:

  1. Honda CR-V LX: A practical and popular choice, the CR-V LX offers 4WD and has an insurance cost of $1,325. It’s known for its reliability and spacious interior.
  2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Altitude: Renowned for its off-road capabilities, the Wrangler Unlimited Sport Altitude comes with 4WD and has insurance priced at $1,347. It’s a rugged SUV that’s ideal for adventurous driving.
  3. Mazda CX-30 S Select: Offering a good mix of style and performance, the CX-30 S Select includes 4WD and has an insurance cost of $1,350. It’s known for its sporty design and handling.
  4. Kia Seltos LX: The Seltos LX is equipped with 4WD and comes with an insurance cost of $1,351. It’s a reliable compact SUV with a range of features.
  5. Honda HR-V LX: With a price of $1,355 for insurance, the HR-V LX offers 4WD and a spacious interior. It’s a practical choice for urban driving.
  6. Ford Escape S: The Escape S, equipped with 4WD, is priced at $1,378 for insurance. It’s a versatile SUV with turbo performance.
  7. Hyundai Tucson SE: Featuring 4WD and insurance costs of $1,388, the Tucson SE is a practical SUV known for its comfort and safety features.
  8. Chevrolet Trax LS: The Trax LS, offering 4WD, has an insurance cost of $1,394. It’s a compact SUV designed for urban commuting.
  9. Jeep Compass Sport: The Compass Sport with 4WD is priced at $1,397 for insurance. It’s a stylish and adaptable SUV.
  10. Hyundai Kona SE: The Kona SE, equipped with 4WD, has insurance costs of $1,401. It’s a compact and stylish SUV suitable for city driving.

Cheapest Utility Vehicles to Insure

When considering a new utility vehicle, affordability extends beyond the sticker price. Insurance costs play a significant role in the overall expense of owning a car. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly, cargo-ready, or adventure-worthy vehicle, these selections offer a blend of cost-effectiveness and utility. We’ll delve into the insurance costs for these vehicles, making it easier for you to find a practical and economically friendly choice that meets your needs.

MakeModelAvg. Insurance Cost
SubaruForester 2.5I Wilderness$1,322
HondaCR-V LX$1,325
MazdaCX-30 S$1,339
ToyotaC-HR XLE$1,342
JeepWrangler Unlimited Sport Altitude$1,347
ToyotaC-HR NightShade$1,348
KiaSeltos LX$1,351
VolkswagenTiguan S$1,364
FordEscape S$1,369
MazdaCX-5 S Select$1,371

Cheapest Trucks to Insure

The Ford F-150 XL appears to have the lowest insurance cost at $1,398 among the listed trucks, making it one of the more budget-friendly options to insure. Meanwhile, the Nissan Frontier S has a slightly higher insurance rate of $1,448, but it still falls within the range of more affordable insurance rates among the presented trucks.

  • Ford F-150 XL: $1,398
  • GMC Sierra 1500 Pro: $1,400
  • Chevrolet Colorado WorkTruck: $1,419
  • GMC Canyon Elevation: $1,419
  • Toyota Tacoma SR: $1,421
  • Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport: $1,435
  • Ford Ranger XL: $1,437
  • Chevrolet Colorado LT: $1,438
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited WT: $1,442
  • Nissan Frontier S: $1,448

Insurance Cost of Different Car Brands and Models

When purchasing a car, it’s essential to consider not just the sticker price but also the cost of insurance. The cost of insurance can vary significantly between car brands and models.

Please note that these are just estimates and the actual car insurance cost may vary depending on a number of factors, such as your age, driving history, location, and the type of insurance policy you choose. It is always advisable to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers before buying a car insurance policy.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated insurance costs for different car brands and their popular models:

How much Does Ford Car Insurance Cost

  • Average cost is around $1740
  • The model with the cheapest insurance is Transit Connect with average cost of $1399.
  • Mustang and F-450 have the highest insurance cost.

When it comes to insuring a Ford car, various factors contribute to the overall cost of insurance. Among the most influential are the car model, driver’s history, location, and the chosen coverage. Insurance costs can fluctuate based on these elements and differ significantly between Ford models. Here’s an overview of estimated insurance costs for some popular Ford models:

Ford Car ModelAvg. Annual Insurance Cost
Transit Connect (Van)$1,399
Ranger (Truck)$1,510
Mustang (Car)$1,980
Maverick (Truck)$1,738
F-450 (Truck)$2,253

How much Does Toyota Car Insurance Cost

  • Average insurance cost is $1,609 for Toyota Cars
  • Models with cheapest insurance cost are C-HR, RAV4 & Tacoma
  • High-performance models such as the Toyota GR Supra costs as high as $2,178 for insurance

Toyota’s range includes various vehicle types, from utilities like the RAV4 and Tacoma to trucks like the Tacoma TRD Sport and Tacoma Limited, and cars such as the Corolla and Camry. Each type carries a different insurance cost, with higher costs often associated with larger, higher-performance, or more luxurious models.

Higher performance models like the Toyota GR Supra and even the GR Supra 6-cylinder have notably higher insurance costs, possibly due to their higher value, performance capabilities, and repair expenses.

Hybrid Vehicle Insurance: Hybrid models such as the Sienna LE Hybrid and Venza LE Wagon Hybrid show varying insurance costs, indicating that while hybrids generally offer better fuel efficiency, their insurance costs might not always be significantly lower.

Toyota Car ModelAvg. Annual Insurance Cost
C-HR (Utility)$1,355
RAV4 (Utility)$1,510
Tacoma (Truck)$1,512
Venza (Car)$1,533
4Runner (Utility)$1,541
Highlander (Utility)$1,586
Tundra (Truck)$1,596
Sienna (Van)$1,648
Camry (Car)$1,668
Corolla (Car)$1,679
Prius (Car)$1,728
Sequioa (Utility)$1,740
Avalon (Car)$1,801
GR Supra (Car)$2,089
Mirai (Electric)$2,116

How much Does Chevrolet Car Insurance Cost

  • The cheapest Chevrolet car to insure in the USA is the Chevrolet Trax LS, with an average annual premium of $1,394.
  • The most expensive Chevrolet car to insure in the USA is the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, with an average annual premium of $2,495.
  • The average car insurance cost for a Chevrolet car in the USA is $1,700 per year.
Chevrolet Car ModelAvg. Annual Insurance Cost
Suburban 1500$1,717
Bolt EV$1,729
Corvette Stingray$2,384

Safest Cars and Insurance Cost

The analysis focuses on insurance rates for cars recognized as the safest by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), specifically those awarded the Top Safety Pick+ designation. The insurance costs provide insights into the expenses associated with these high-safety vehicles, aiding prospective buyers in making informed decisions regarding insurance expenditures for safeguarded vehicle models.

The provided data illustrates insurance costs associated with vehicles that have received the prestigious IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. Generally, these vehicles possess a variety of advanced safety features, crashworthiness, and injury prevention measures.

MakeModelAvg. Insurance Cost
Small Cars
SubaruImpreza 2.0I$1,412
ToyotaPrius L Eco$1,651
Midsized Cars
HondaAccord LX$1,543
HyundaiIoniq Blue$1,762
SubaruOutback 2.5I$1,372
ToyotaCamry LE$1,618
Luxury Cars
Large Luxury Cars
GenesisG90 Premium$2,954
Small SUVs
HondaCR-V LX$1,332
HondaHR-V LX$1,339
HyundaiIoniq Blue$1,762
Small Luxury SUVs
AcuraRDX Tech$1,515
BMWX1 SDrive 28i$1,683
LexusUX 200$1,562
Midsized SUVs
HondaPilot SE$1,412
HyundaiPalisade SE$1,445
JeepGrand Cherokee L Laredo$1,462
KiaTelluride LX$1,459
NissanPathfinder S$1,565
ToyotaHighlander L$1,480
Midsized Luxury SUVs
AudiQ7 2.0T Quattro Premium$1,981
InfinitiQX60 Luxe$1,880
LexusRX 350$1,763
TeslaModel Y Performance$2,401
VolvoXC90 T5 Momentum$1,575
Large SUVs
AudiQ8 3.0T 55 TFSI Quattro Premium$2,072

To conclude, expensive cars typically attract higher insurance rates due to increased repair costs, theft susceptibility, and potential risk factors, whereas safer and more budget-friendly models, particularly SUVs and compact cars, tend to offer lower insurance expenses. By opting for vehicles with good safety features and repair costs, individuals can positively influence insurance costs without compromising safety. Since you have gone through various factors influencing insurance premiums based on a car’s model and value. Go get the model that suits your needs and doesn’t cost high on insurance.


  1. Do sports cars always have higher insurance rates? Sports cars generally have higher insurance rates due to their high speed and increased risk of accidents. However, it varies based on the specific model and safety features.
  2. Why do older cars sometimes have lower insurance rates? Older cars might have lower insurance rates due to their depreciated value, making them less costly to repair or replace.
  3. What role do safety features play in reducing insurance rates? Safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and backup cameras reduce the risk of accidents, thereby lowering insurance rates.
  4. Are insurance rates affected by the color of the car? Contrary to popular belief, car color does not usually impact insurance rates. Insurers focus more on the make, model, and safety features.
  5. How can I find the best insurance rates for a specific car model? Research different insurance companies and compare quotes to find the most competitive rates for a specific car model.
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