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The Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure for Young Drivers


For young drivers, the exhilaration of getting behind the wheel is often accompanied by the apprehension of high insurance premiums. Insurance costs can be a major concern, but there’s good news – certain cars are more affordable to insure for young drivers. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 cheapest cars to insure, allowing young drivers to hit the road without breaking the bank.

Factors Influencing Insurance Costs

Before we dive into the list, it’s essential to understand the factors that contribute to lower insurance costs for young drivers:

  • Safety Features: Cars equipped with advanced safety features tend to have lower insurance rates as they are considered less risky.
  • Cost of Repairs: Vehicles with readily available and inexpensive parts are often cheaper to insure.
  • Engine Size: Smaller engines are generally associated with lower insurance premiums.
  • Vehicle Value: The value of the car plays a role – cars with lower market values often have lower insurance costs.

The Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

  1. Honda Fit
    • With its compact size and excellent safety ratings, the Honda Fit is a favorite among young drivers seeking affordable insurance.
  2. Toyota Yaris
    • The Toyota Yaris boasts good fuel efficiency and strong safety features, making it an economical choice for insurance.
  3. Ford Fiesta
    • The Ford Fiesta combines style, economy, and safety, resulting in budget-friendly insurance rates.
  4. Chevrolet Spark
    • This small car offers more than just affordability – it comes with an attractive insurance price tag for young drivers.
  5. Hyundai Accent
    • The Hyundai Accent’s reputation for reliability and low repair costs contributes to its cost-effective insurance rates.
  6. Kia Rio
    • Young drivers looking for a blend of value and safety will appreciate the Kia Rio’s insurance-friendly profile.
  7. Nissan Versa
    • The Nissan Versa’s affordable starting price extends to its insurance costs, making it a practical choice.
  8. Mazda3
    • The Mazda3’s engaging driving experience and safety features make it a contender for young drivers seeking reasonable insurance rates.
  9. Subaru Impreza
    • With its all-wheel-drive capability and solid safety record, the Subaru Impreza offers cost-effective insurance coverage.
  10. Volkswagen Golf
    • The Volkswagen Golf’s combination of quality and safety contributes to its wallet-friendly insurance premiums for young drivers.

How to Get the Best Rates

  1. Compare Quotes: Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Shop around and compare rates from different insurance providers.
  2. Bundle Policies: Consider bundling your car insurance with other policies, such as renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, for potential discounts.
  3. Maintain Good Grades: Many insurance companies offer discounts for young drivers who maintain good academic performance.
  4. Safe Driving: Avoiding accidents and traffic violations can lead to lower insurance rates over time.


While insurance costs can be a concern for young drivers, choosing the right car can significantly alleviate the financial burden. The top 10 cheapest cars to insure offer a combination of safety, affordability, and practicality that appeals to young drivers and their wallets. By understanding the factors that influence insurance premiums and implementing smart strategies, young drivers can enjoy the freedom of the open road without compromising their budget.


  1. Is car insurance more expensive for young drivers?
    • Yes, young drivers often face higher insurance premiums due to their perceived higher risk.
  2. Do insurance rates decrease as I gain more driving experience?
    • Yes, maintaining a clean driving record and gaining experience can lead to lower insurance costs over time.
  3. Can I add my parents to my insurance policy to lower costs?
    • Adding an experienced driver, such as a parent, to your policy might help reduce costs, but it’s essential to discuss this with your insurance provider.
  4. Do these cars compromise on safety to keep insurance costs low?
    • No, many of these cars offer strong safety features and good safety ratings, making them appealing to young drivers.
  5. Can I customize my insurance coverage to further lower costs?
    • While adjusting coverage limits can impact costs, it’s essential to ensure that you maintain adequate coverage for your needs.
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