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Get High Risk Insurance at a Low Cost

If you’re a high risk driver, it can be nearly impossible for you to find an insurance company willing to take you on as a customer. Here at we want to not only make it easy for you to secure high risk insurance, we want to make it affordable as well. If you have a DUI/DWI or if you’ve been involved in several auto accidents, then you’ll more than likely have to get a high risk auto insurance policy.

High Risk Factors

Times have changed in the auto insurance industry, which means that more people than ever are classified as high risk. Rather than wasting your time and possibly your money with other insurance companies, turn to and let us get you insured and on the road as quickly as possible.
Other drivers who might be considered high risk include:

  • Individuals who have ever had their license revoked or suspended
  • Individuals over the age of 70
  • Drivers who are 20 and younger
  • Drivers with a history of driving violations

High Risk Insurance and SR22 Insurance

If you’ve has a DWI, DUI or if you were ever unable to prove that your automobile was insured, the state might inform you that you have to have an SR22 insurance policy, which can also make you a high risk driver to other insurance companies. Thankfully for you, also offers SR22 insurance in addition to high risk insurance. What this means is that you can have both insurance policies for a low price and that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

How Long Will You Need High Risk Insurance?

How long you’ll need high risk insurance will be determined by the severity of the event that made you a high risk driver in the first place. You’ll have to be patient and continue to present yourself as an excellent driver.
If you’ve received multiple tickets for minor violations, you’ll most likely need to keep your high risk policy for three years, which is how long it will probably take for your violations to drop from your driving record. If you’re a high risk driver because of a DWI or any other type of major violation, you might have to wait for as many as five years until you’re no longer seen as a high risk driver and will no longer have to have high risk insurance.
Once you’ve obtained your high risk policy, we recommend that you keep that same policy for at least six months. If you decide to switch insurance carriers or policies before those six months are up, you’ll basically be resetting the clock and resetting those six months that you’re viewed as a high risk driver paying high risk rates.

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