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Car Insurance without a License

Possibility of Getting Insurance

Getting car insurance without a license is challenging, but some insurance companies may offer policies under certain circumstances.

Reasons for Needing Insurance without a License

Some individuals might require insurance for a car they own, even if they don’t drive. Reasons include a family member using the car or fulfilling legal requirements.

Insuring a Car You Own

If you own a car but don’t drive, you may still want to insure it to protect against theft, vandalism, or damage.

Factors to Consider

Insurance Provider Policies

Not all insurance companies offer coverage to unlicensed individuals. Research providers and inquire about their specific policies regarding this situation.

Legal and State Regulations

Laws regarding insurance without a license vary by location. Some states may allow it, while others may not. Understanding local regulations is crucial.

Car Usage and Ownership

If you’re the legal owner of the car but don’t drive it, insurance companies might offer coverage based on the assumption that others with a license will operate the vehicle.

How to Obtain Insurance without a License

Assign a Primary Driver

Assign a primary driver with a valid license, such as a family member or caregiver, who will be responsible for the vehicle.

Explain the Situation

Be open and honest with insurance providers about why you need insurance without a license. They may offer solutions or recommend appropriate policies.

Specialized Insurance Companies

Look for insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage to individuals without licenses or with unique circumstances.


Getting car insurance without a license is possible in certain situations, but it’s essential to understand the limitations and options available. Insurance providers and state laws play a significant role, and being transparent about your situation is crucial.


  1. Can I insure a car I own but don’t drive? Yes, you can insure a car you own even if you don’t drive it. The insurance will primarily cover theft, vandalism, or damage.
  2. What if I need insurance for a family member to drive my car? You can assign a family member or someone with a valid driver’s license as the primary driver on the insurance policy.
  3. Are there insurance companies that provide coverage without a license? Yes, some insurance companies specialize in providing coverage to individuals without licenses or unique circumstances. Research and inquire with different providers.
  4. What if my state doesn’t allow insurance without a license? If your state doesn’t allow insurance without a license, you may need to explore alternative arrangements, such as having a licensed individual as the primary driver on the policy.
  5. Is it common to get car insurance without a license? It’s not common, but in specific situations where the car owner doesn’t drive, insurance can still be obtained with a licensed primary driver assigned.
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